Marie is an incredible talent and was the perfect artist to design and create the key backgrounds for the trailer for ‘My Brother the Minotaur’. She produced work to a standard which was way beyond my expectations and in a very short time.
She worked remotely which was no problem at all. She handled notes and feedback professionally and delivered all her work on time. I hope to work with her again in the near future!
— Donal Mangan, Director at Dog Ears
I had the pleasure of art directing Marie on the miniseries “Long Live the Royals” at Cartoon Network. Our project was fairly ambitious, the director and I set the bar high for the background paintings, and we had a very tight schedule. To be honest, I was reluctant to use a painter halfway around the world, but Marie’s portfolio was so strong that we hired her. That proved to be a great decision. Marie’s work was consistently great, and her turnaround time was very quick. She took direction well and grasped the concepts right away. If revisions were needed, she responded cheerfully and immediately. She consistently plussed the work, and she became the painter I relied on the most to set the style and look of the backgrounds for other painters to follow. I highly recommend Marie, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Natalie Franscioni-Karp, AD at Cartoon Network
Marie Thorhauge is a very talented and versitile designer with a fresh and unique approach and technique. Her designs are always filled with subtleties and small little details that really make the difference. It’s a real pleasure to wok with her.
— Anabella Sosa, Upstairs LLC
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marie and would absolutely recommend her. We worked completely over the internet which was made easy by Marie understanding the brief immediately. She bought so much to the project with her fantastic use of colour, texture and light. Plus she was fast and understood the need to finish to a tight deadline. Rachel Guidera
— Rachel Guidera, owner at Underpants TV
I was Marie’s Art Director at JibJab, her Illustration work on the book ‘My Pet Dragon’ was exceptional! She is a very enthusiastic and positive person. She delivered all her work on time and, most importantly, was completely open to feedback and notes. She was a absolute joy to work with and I look forward to working with Marie again in the future!
— Nikolas Ilic, AD at Jib Jab Bros. Studios
I worked with Marie at Cartoon Saloon were she was the lead background artist on the T.V Series ‘Puffin Rock’. I found Marie a pleasure to work with, she is an extremely talented artist in background painting and design. I would highly recommend her to any studios looking for a reliable and professional artist.
— Maurice Joyce, director at Cartoon Saloon
It was a pleasure working with Marie. She is a lovely person and an extremely talented - and fast - artist. Her communication and organisational skills are excellent, which make her perfect for any leader/supervisor role. I would highly recommend Marie to any animation production.
— Nuria G. Blanco, producer at Cartoon Saloon
Marie is an amazing artist and a great person to work with. She’s very organized, reliable, very good at communication and she was very efficient on all the tasks she has been asked to do as lead background artist on Puffin Rock TV series. I can’t wait to have the chance to work with her again, it’s was a great pleasure!
— Anne-Flore Aussant, production manager at Cartoon Saloon
It was an honor to work with Marie Thorhauge. After we noticed her impressive work for Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon, we decided to ask her for a position as lead character designer and lead background artist. Marie is a delight to work with. She is highly motivated, extremely talented, and also works very fast. We would hire her again, no question!
— Erik Verkerk, director at Ka-Ching Cartoons
Working with Marie is a delight, she works hard and fast and delivers the highest quality. We surely will hire her again for any project we can come up with, and hope she will be available.
— Joost van den Bosch, director and CEO at Ka-Ching Cartoons
Marie Thorhauge is an extremely unique artist/character designer. She understands the delicate process of visual development and is not only talented but a joy to work with. She has a distinct point of view and is a true collaborator. I look forward to working with her again on other Disney animated pilots and series character designs.
— Joe D'Ambrosia, senior vice president, original programming, Disney Junior
Marie Thorhauge is a master in character and environment design. She works well with a team and she is super fast. The speed never compromises the quality of her work.
All my recommendations!
— Jeanette Nørgaard, director at Nørlum
Marie Thorhaue is quite simply one of the best animation designers working in the business today, she is friendly, team orientated and a hard worker as well as being uniquely talented. Her skills include Bg design, painting,illustration, team leading and she has a particular strength in character design. A valuable addition to any team with a bright future as art director and director.
— Tomm Moore, director and founder at Cartoon Saloon
Marie was a valued member of our core crew in Cartoon Saloon. She is a super talented designer and very good with clients and leading other crew in house, adapting to many challenges and different styles.
— Paul Young, CEO at Cartoon Saloon